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Cappuccino & Coffee Stencils

Cappuccino Stencil

Welcome with the manufacturer for cappuccino stencils made of stainless steel and plastic. We are glad to be allowed to welcome you on our web page.

We are specified on the design and production of individual cappuccino and coffee stencils. Our stencils can be used for decorating the milk froth on all kinds of coffee drinks.

See, feel and taste the result of the stencil

 custom made stainless steel stencil - result

custom made cappuccino stencils

We offer comprehensive and complete service, from the production and packaging appropriate for transport of the desired amount, about the export winding up in the most different countries up to the dispatch in time.

We deliver our high-class products primarily to wholesaler, but also tiny amounts to retail stores.

According to your demands, we produce:

Cappuccino Stencil custom made

Products For decorating all kinds of coffee drinks with milk froth, we provide the implementation of individual patterns (company logos, paintings, drawings etc.) as a stencil.

Cappuccino Stencil - Handling Step 4

Handling Handling Handling of a cappuccino stencil is very easy. Everybody will be able to produce professional results after a very short practicing period.

Powder Stencil custom made

Service As a manufacturer for individual cappuccino stencils, we design and produce smaller or bigger numbers of pieces with individual motifs. We are looking forward to submit a quote for stencils with y...

Wiebke Kuehn

Contact Any Questions? Feel free to contact us: Kuehn Kollektion GmbH & Co KG Richthofenstr. 21 D-86343 Koenigsbrunn GERMANY Phone: +49-8231-96 36 0 Fax: +49-8231-96 36 36 Mail:...

Production plant of Kuehn Kollektion GmbH & Co KG - Germany

About us To let you know right from the start who you are dealing with, we would like to give you the following information on our company: Our company was founded in 1960, and has been run as a family bu...

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Your personal Cappuccino Stencil

We deliver the desired amount to you. For production of your individual offer please feel free to contact us. You can also send us your company logo, drawing, etc. via email:

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