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Gift boxes for cappuccino-stencils

cappuccino-stencil gift boxes

If you like to use your individual cappuccino stencil as a gift we can produce a large variety of gift boxes especially for your purpose.

Examples of gift boxes for stencils


Engraving a cappuccino-stencil

cappuccino-stencil engraving

As a special service we can add an engraving at your cappuccino-stencil like text, initials, a website or a company sign or logo.

Examples of engraved cappuccino stencils

Our personal service

Cappuccino Stencil

As a manufacturer for individual cappuccino stencils, we design and produce smaller or bigger numbers of pieces with individual motifs.

We are looking forward to submit a quote for stencils with your desired pattern. Do not hesitate to contact us...